Emerson Tennis Centre | Adult Tennis Coaching

Tennis lessons for adult players, available at Brisbane’s newest tennis centre. Group coaching, cardio tennis and private lessons all available

The Emerson Tennis Centre has plenty to offer all its adult tennis members, from absolute beginners through to advanced players.

We offer a tennis coaching program that caters for all ages and abilities. We have a very comprehensive range of classes led by our outstanding team of coaches and believe we can teach anybody to play, improve, learn to compete and have a lot of fun on the court!

See below for a list of our exciting Adult Tennis Coaching programs:


Aimed at players who have never picked up a racket before and require basic coaching to help get them started. We aim to have all our players serving, rallying and scoring after just a handful of lessons.

Members $19 | Non-Members $25



Aimed at players who are fairly consistent and can sustain short rallies. This course will help with more technical and tactical aspects to help with ball control.

Members $19 | Non-Members $25



Aimed at those who have been playing for some time, may compete regularly and are developing their own game style. This course will help you raise your game by working on your technique and tactics.

Members $19 | Non-Members $25



Aimed at good established players who compete regularly. On this course, you will work on technical and tactical skills to improve your game further.

Members $19 | Non-Members $25


Cardio Tennis

You don’t need to know how to play tennis to take part in this fun tennis-inspired workout! It’s not about slices, back-hands, aces or smashes. It’s all about chasing the ball around the court for an hour, to music, having lots of fun and burning off 600 calories or more in the process. What’s stopping you?

Members $15 | Non-Members $20


Adult Tennis Timetable Emerson 2017


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